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    Add:Tau Village Road, Central Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, No. 136
    Tel:(0760)28192308 (0760)28192303 (0760)28192313
    Fax:(0760)28192310  (0760)28192309
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Zip Code:528455

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    Welded steel cylinders


    This standard applies to normal ambient temperature -40─60 ℃ use, the test pressure is less than 7.36MPA (75KGF / CM 2), the volume of water 10─1000L refillable low pressure liquefied gas or dissolved gas welded steel cylinders (hereinafter referred to as the cylinder). This standard does not apply to civil LPG cylinders and fire-fighting cylinders. The standard capacity not exceeding 150L cylinders, reference is made to the draft recommendations of the International Standard ISO DP 4706 "can be repeated inflatable welded steel gas cylinders."

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